Our fabrics


Waxed Cotton

Waxed cotton has a history dating back over 200 years, beginning as a basic fabric doused in linseed oil to give waterproofing qualities. Technical innovation has played its part moving from linen and linseed oil to cotton and paraffin wax, giving modern day versions increased durability and resistance to water.

Having assessed dozens of samples with various coatings and thicknesses, we opted for Halley Stevensons as our chosen supplier. Based in Dundee, Scotland and produced at the Baltic works since 1864, Halley Stevensons only produce waxed cotton - they are the definitive master of their trade.

Our products use 18oz Halley Stevensons fabrics giving increased wear resistance without excess weight. The fabric arrives to us on a heavily doused roll which dries with use. Given time a waxed cotton bag will develop its own patina, creasing and marking into an undeniably unique item.



The Metropolitan Leather Co Ltd have been supplying leather since 1919, which is good enough for us. Initially producing leather diaphragms for gas meters, the company has grown - even surviving an incendiary bomb in 1940, and is now based in Thrapston, Northamptonshire.

We use Veg tanned shoulders for all our strapping, embossing and high stress areas and a Chrome tanned leather in our leather only range. Chrome tanned is softer than Veg tanned and provides a perfect balance between durability and feel. We choose to keep all our Chrome tanned leather 'raw' on the underside exposing the suede like texture.